HOBBY Social

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HOBBY Social

Small gestures that improves the world

Sometimes a small gesture can change other people’s life and create a big smile. Anna Vives, a young woman with Down syndrome, has created her own typography font to disseminate and promote the values associated with the letters: social equality and the importance of teamwork connecting abilities. 100% of the funds obtained from all projects related to the typography will go to Itinerarium Foundation to support social issues. We wanted to collaborate on this beautiful initiative using Anna's typography.


Three plants that improves the quality of the indoor’s air

The plants Areca, Pothos y Sanvisiera Located at specific sites these plants can help create cleaner air. Carbon Dioxide (CO2) becomes O2, organic compounds are removed and filtered, and makes the air of the space fresher.


Also known as the plant of money. It eliminates toxic elements and other volatile chemicals. It tolerates dry environment of an indoor and is sensitive to excess water.

Areca Palm

Considered as the lounge floor and it removes the CO2 of the air by eliminating it and making it into O2, filtering the formaldehyde and trichloroethylene. It requires light without direct sun exposures.


Known as the bedroom floor, or mother tongue, at night the Sanseviera converts the CO2 into oxygen. In order to clean the air it requires 6-8 plants per person