An easier way to care for your plants

Self-watering patented system with ecological spirit.

Patented System ®
Fill the watertank only 4 times a year and watering it superficially every 4 or 5 weeks. The result? Perfect plants with minimal maintenance. Thanks to the two tubes of our Hydroplanters, we get a permanent air minicirculation that makes the oxygenation of the water and its deepest roots easier, reproducing the workings of the nature.

Planting instructions

Save up to 80% of irrigation water.
Add the drainage
Spread the drainage material uniformly on top of the conductors until they are covered by a layer approximately 2 centimetres
Adding the substratum
Cover the drainage layer with soil, leaving a hole for each plant that you wish to plant in your Hydroplanter. Use the appropriate substratum for the desired plant.
Planting the plant
Before planting each plant in its corresponding hole we recommend that you loosen the roots (without breaking them) which will encourage the plants to take root in the new soil.
Water the substratum
After planting the FIRST time, it is important to water the soil, slowly and at intervals until the soil and drainage layer is moist and the water tank is full.

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