Trust in us.

Pure air indoors, healthier spaces.

A complete and custom service that costumers appreciate.

We offer a comprehensive and personalized decoration service for your company, with Hydroplanters and natural plants of Hobby Flower.

The team of Hobby Flower studies your needs and the space that Hydroplanters will be placed.

Advises the most suitable type of plant, depending on the characteristics of each space and its decoration.

Installation and placement of plants in Hydroplanters in the stipulated area.

Maintenance 4 times a year. Plants always in perfect conditions without worrying about anything.

Pure air indoors,

healthier spaces.



Three plants that improve the quality of indoor air.

Located in specific places the plants Areca Pothos and Sanseviera can help in creating clean air. The Dioxide of the CO2 becomes O2, organic compounds are removed and filtered and freshens the ambient air.


About Kamal Meattle…

Environmental activist of India, developer of Green Spaces Project and CEO of the technological Company Paharpur Business Centre. In 1992 the doctors diagnosed him New Delhi's air allergy, his city. Since then and with the help of the Institute of Technology of India, the institute of Energy and Resources and expertise of NASA he began to research how to generate fresh air.


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