Ashi has been born, a new vision in decor and hydroplanters
Hobby Flower takes a step forward in hydroplanters design with the new Ashi collection. This commitment we seek to go beyond the “hydroplanter” vision to evolve towards the creation of an island of vegetation and relax. This is Ashi, a collection with different models, poufs and tables harmonized under a kind and informal design. It goes to halls of collective spaces, where this new collection contributes to produce a unique and comfortable environment.

This new collection’s most notable feature is the aggrupation of units. Due to the geometry and proportions of each unit, we can make an infinity of different combinations, and play with a large number of possibilities Ashi offers. We will invent new mutable formations, achieving a different environment.

Inspired by the ancient and breathtaking Japanese temples, built over the soil on wooden pillars, the Ashi collection also rises through stylized wood legs (known as “ashi” in Japanese), providing with visual lightness.
The collection is built with noble materials, solid ash wood for legs and structure, and lacquered stainless steel for hydroplanters. Poufs have been upholstered with FR treated fabrics and are available in 4 colors: white, taupe, lead and burgundy. Adding up the variety of tonalities to the 10 units of Ashi, a whole new universe of sensations opens up turning our spaces into unique ones.
This revolutionary collection has been conceptualized by the prestigious Emiliana Design Studio in Barcelona, by Ana Mir and Emili Padrós. With over 20 years of experience, their creations have been in renowned international exhibitions such as MoMa, Musem of Art of Indianapolis or the Museo de Artes Decorativas de Barcelona, and have been recognized with 7 design awards as well in the design field.
Discover all the features of Hobby Flower’s new collection on the 2019 catalog, where you will find new arrivals for this season.