At the forefront of the auto-irrigation systems

The unique patented and exclusive auto-irrigation system of Hobby Flower reproduces the nature, it means that the system provides the humidity and the ventilation that the roots of the plants need. The Hydroplanters of Hobby Flower are created with all type of materials: polyproplyne, steel, aluminium, wood and leather; for all kinds of public private groups.

How can our hydroplanters provide maintenance and a long durability of your plants? They have two tubes for the air circulation down to the water tank, which allows a permanent oxygenation of the water, the plant and even its deepest roots. As a result, the plant is able to produce its natural function in its natural environment.

The functionality and innovation of our Hydroplanters adapt perfectly to the costumer’s convenience, together with the minimum water consumption. Aside from using recycled and latest generation materials, our patented system is very efficient because people must only refill the water 4 times a year and refill it every 4 or 5 weeks to achieve perfect plants with the minimum maintenance and saving up to 80% on the irrigation water.


With the Certificate of the Department of Plant Physiology from the Faculty of Biology of the University of Barcelona, Hobby Flower patented and automatic watering system in order to help the plant to grow in an environment as similar as the nature and moreover, to produce health benefits for those who live together with plants.  

Health Benefits

Hobby Flower Hydroplanters produces health benefits, especially inside buildings, with a special combination of plants in indoor spaces. The proximity of plants provides a pure and fresh air because it absorbs the CO2 of the human’s respiration. Each plant creates its own microclimate around itself and, according to World Health Organization, for every four plants per person the oxygen increases, the eye irritation reduces and respiratory diseases decrease – most of them made by the air contamination.

Hobby Flower creates ecological and social benefits, including in sanitary placements, one of the subjects in our next post on this blog.