Fill your bath with life (and health) - The 10 best plants

Did you know that the bathroom has the most favourable conditions for plants? Its cultivation and easy growth require certain levels of humidity and little natural light. Yes, there are plants that need just this.
Among others, they are the Peace Lily, the Pothos, the Fern, the Monstera, the Kentia or the Aspidistra.
With their de-stressing and refreshing properties, you will regain a feeling of relaxation and well-being in your bath. In fact, the Chinese Feng Shui philosophy recommends it, as we tell you here. According to them, order brings inner peace and harmony; and we, today, corroborate that having natural plants in our bathroom does too.
Decorate it with care, turn it into your intimate wellness space, and make sure that no other corner of your home lacks life (and health) thanks to natural plants. They will undoubtedly appreciate the steam from the shower to grow quickly and beautifully.
As a good gardening lover, you will know a thousand plants for the bedroom, the dining room, the balcony, the terrace... But what about the bathroom? We recommend 10 plants to take the first step:
A plant that is quite resistant to humidity and not very demanding in terms of care. What more do you want?
Spatophyll or peace lily.
As you know, the very elegant Spatophyll requires little light, but it also loves humidity.
For us, a must in every room. And also ideal for small spaces such as bathrooms.
Fern or phyllopside.
You will appreciate not having direct light (far from it, intense), and it is a very very resistant plant to high levels of humidity.
The beautiful orchid never needs direct light, so why not pamper it in our bathroom?
Sansevieria or the snake plant.
Also, a very resistant plant in humid interiors and it will also purify the air. This makes it a must for your bathroom, no doubt!

Tape or spider plant.
One of the most typical plants in bathrooms, as it needs moisture, shade and is very easy to care for.
Classic, but so beautiful and ideal for bathing... (although it will need a little bit of natural light, though, at times).
Super decorative, it's a big palm for interiors that doesn't need direct natural light so put it in your bathroom and give it a chance!
Very popular plant in indoor spaces, very resistant to humidity and requires little care... And, at the same time, so special because of its foliage!
So, are you in?