Minimalism Style decoration

The minimalist movement appeared in the German Weimar Republic, just after World War I, but the main period was at the final of 60’s in New York when it was considered a reaction against the painterly subjectivity of abstract expressionism. However, its origins will always cling to Europe and, specially, to the German architect Ludwig Mies Van Der Rohe who, in charge of the known art school Bauhaus, created the purity of lines in architecture and pronounced the motto “less is more” associated to minimalism.

Few years later, Mies Van Der Rohe went to United States of American and became an architecture legend. That’s why minimalism reached the highest point in 60’s and 70’s, as a reaction against overload styles of the era, such as pop art and its chromatic explosion. Nowadays, in a situation of chaos, this style inspires clarity, conceptual rigor and
simplicity. Here are 10 tips in minimal style decorating:

1) Less is more: to use not many pieces, reducing the objects and the furniture to the essential ones.

2) Natural and soft colours for walls and furniture to get a big difference between them.

3) The minimalist spaces use to provide natural light that slips through the windows. If not, you could place big mirrors to take advantage of the maximum of natural light in your room.

4) Mix of textures. The key is to use different materials such as stone, marble, hardwood and brass; those noble materials that speak for themselves.

5) Introducing some object of
design. For example,avantgarde chairs.

6) Functional furniture, not just decorative, with simple lines and soft colours.

7) A space that provides calm, peace, spaciousness, balance and harmony.

8) Nordic Style: a similar decoration to minimal style because of its straight and simple lines, soft colours and which takes place in bright and diaphanous spaces.

9) To break the monotony, use some accessory. With the hydroplanter ZEN you’ll give your
designs a minimal decoration in an easy, fast and simple way.

Beauty is in the simple things. Minimal decor style is more than architecture; it’s a life’s style.