How to decorate your house with plants: tips and tricks

Indoor plants provide life, freshness and a good atmosphere, however not all plants fit the same way in any place. Their shapes, different colours and care are important when considering where to put them. In this article we give you a few notes on how to decorate your house with plants in the best way, to create pleasant and balanced environments.
Plant size and depth of space
It seems obvious but sometimes we place plants that are too large in a relatively small space. In this way the attention is focused too much on them and creates an environment of density that may not be desired.
Perspective changes everything, plants can help give depth and height. If you place tall plants at the end of the room, it will appear to be deeper. In that sense, smaller plants would have to be placed in the entrance. The ceiling and shelves are also good places, the different heights help organize the space so that it will seem that there are more gaps and micro spaces.
Colour and shape
In interior decoration all elements count and should go together, even your plants! The colour of the walls, the furniture, the light that enters... Take into account the colour palette that is generated in your home and play with it. You can choose complementary colours or use contrasts if you want to accent corners.
Combining very different plants between them can create a "natural" look imitating a forest, where different plants coexist. On the other hand, if you want to use similar plants and play with symmetry you can create balanced atmospheres.
Transform the defect into virtue
Defects do not exist, it is only a question of how you look at them. There are plants that have different and twisted shapes. Let them shine! Place that strange cactus in a privileged place, put that plant with the striking colour in a special place, etc.

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Similar care
Do not forget that plants are living things and need care, you have to know the conditions they need so you can group them correctly and can grow in a comfortable environment, this way you’ll enjoy their presence and ease of care.
The patented and exclusive self-watering system of the Hobby Flower hydroplanters makes this task easier, helping you take care of your plants in a simpler way. Just fill the tank 4 times a year and water superficially every 4 or 5 weeks, your indoor plants will look always perfect with minimum care.
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