How much do you know about Orchids?

The idea of the Orchid, one of the most singular and magical plants in the gardening sector, is that it is expensive and difficult to maintain but it’s wrong. Start to decorate your indoor spaces with our Adel & Lina collections, designed exclusively for the maintenance and durability of this special plant. The Orchid as a decoration transforms completely the selected corner and we will tell you here the reasons why choosing this delicate and sophisticated plant and not another is a good choice.

Most of the orchids need to be in a bright place but not having the sunlight directly. With a simple position and an ideal orientation near the window is enough for the normal growing of the orchids. It is true that they need a correct light condition to stimulate their flowering, and it is also a plant from different points of the world so it has achieved a high capacity to adapt itself to every environment; however, if you need a recommendation, it’s perfect environment is the warm or temperate climate.

Apart from decorating your home with elegance and simplicity, our models Adel & Lina, designed exclusively for the orchid, is the ideal gift to surprise your loved ones.

Take note of these 5 facts that you must know about the orchids:

1. Some species come from the Amazonas or the top of Himalayas where they survive in extreme climates but most of them are tropical – incredible isn’t it? The orchid’s geographical distribution is very wide that’s why they achieved an easy adaptation in all types of habitats (except for the Antarctic, of course). In indoors, the orchids need a short time to be adaptable…and that’s it! ;)

2. The orchids usually lives in tree branches with its roots exposed; it means that the roots receive the water from the rain (because it nourishes the plants), but then gets dry. When we buy an orchid, it usually has a support for the roots so there’s a risk that they never get dry between irrigations like in their natural habitat. The solution? Our models designed exclusively for the orchids, Adel & Lina.

3. There’s a wide range of orchids around you, all of them are beautiful. In fact, there are 30.000 kinds of orchids with different colours, shapes and smells. So now there’s no excuse: choose the perfect plant to decorate your space is easier than ever!

4. Unlike other indoor plants, you don’t have to water the orchids every day. They will give an original and sophisticated touch to your space, because it’s a plant that grows and flowers permanently in different ways. The flowers stay for three months in the plant, and exists the rumour that it’s an immortal plant because when the orchid is about to die it will automatically grow a smaller orchid to continue its flowering period.

And lastly, did you know about its beauty benefits? It’s an ideal aging remedy; the extract from the core produces antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties for the skin, that’s why the orchid is also called as “The flower of youth”

What are you waiting for? Discover the fascinating world of the orchid!