Hobby Flower at HoteELLE Decoration

The first edition of HotElle Decoration will be held at the Palacio López-Doriga (15 Paseo de Recoletos, Madrid) from February 20th to March 1st. This event was created with the aim of showcasing the most sophisticated interior design in the new quality hotel industry. 

The López-Dóriga Palace is located in one of the main axes of Madrid and was designed in 1872 by the architect Francisco Cubas, Marqués of Cubas, as a residence for the López-Dóriga family. It stands out for its stately architecture with neoclassical facades with simple ornaments, and in the interior, marble floors, French fireplaces, plaster skirting boards, inlaid doors of German influence and mouldings in openings that, to a large extent, remain today.


HoteELLE wants to create the hotel of the future, with sophisticated luxury, with the help of six prestigious interior designers such as Lázaro Rosa-Violán, Tomás Alía, Davidedavid, Cousi Interiorismo, Room 1804 and Álvaro Sampedro. But they won't be alone, as they'll be joined by major firms from the sector, including Hobby Flower, which will present its collections focused on hotel design, bringing the rooms in this 21st-century palace to life. 



During the ten days of the exhibition there will be different activities such as meetings brands and professionals, round tables, brand talks and visits aimed at the professional public. There will also be guided tours for the general public by architecture students from the University of Nebrija. 

A meeting point to talk about the influence of design and architecture, to cross ideas, memories, opinions and new visions. All this with the presence of the best professionals in the sector, intellectuals and travel experts in hotels and their fields.