Hobby Flower: The origins and evolution

In the year 1974, Adelina Gaspà and Lluís Cabré invented and patented Hobby Flower, a company that manufactures and commercialises unique Hydroplanters with exclusive and high quality auto-irrigation system. 

Few years later, Hobby Flower was recognized as a prestige brand and in 70s the revolution of the gardening sector came. The auto-irrigation system’s objective is to sustain the plants perfectly, with minimum maintenance and providing them durability. In fact, since the first day, Hobby Flower focused its efforts on plants for them to live longer and better.

The holding Genebre Group acquired Hobby Flower in 2012, after some years of low production. Currently, Genebre Group also counts on Genebre S.A, a world leading company in valves and accessories for fluid control, and Genwec Washroom Equipment & Complements, specialized in public bathroom equipment. Hobby Flower was introduced in a business society characterized for its environment respect, sustainability and for the quality and innovation of its products. A group focused on innovation and complicity with the nature. Thanks to that, Hobby Flower gained a clear international and environmental projection, enhancing its brand image and renewing and adapting its designs to latest trends. As a result, the company achieved more options of globalization and new market’s penetration.