Hobby Flower, example of sustainability and elegance

Our currently lifestyle looks for comfort, good health and never giving up on pleasure.

Comfort, because there’s always a lack of free time to do something. Rushes describe our day by day, there’s no place for relaxing, so we search for an easy routine greater and greater. That’s why exists Hobby Flower, to make better your day, so we do EVERYTHING for you: our hydroplanters count on a patented self-watering system and our team can customize your favourite collection –on the condition of you choose one of the available collections for this service–, changing its colour and adding your company’s logo. Our team can also advise you the most suitable type of plant and hold its installation and maintenance (which is required 4 times a year), in order to natural plants can be in perfect conditions and you worry over nothing.

In reference to take care about our health; nowadays healthy, ecological and organic products fascinate us, isn’t it? So here are our hydroplanters, unique and exclusive in the world, that faithfully reproduces the natural environment of the plants saving up to 80% of irrigation water.  Natural plants in a space will always benefit the health of people around them!

About pleasure: we love to experiment new sensations, flavours or spaces, so thanks to the high quality and sophistication of our products you can provide warmth to your home.

You have your own criteria and preferences, so Hobby Flower is at your entire disposal to personalize your hydroplanter using a logo and a colour (*service not available with all the collections).

We are a reference on elegance and design. It’s about trends and collections designed and created next your home, and the actual lifestyle looks for local and genuine products. So here is Hobby Flower: 100% national fabrication.

May we advise you?