Do you know this plant of African origin?
Today we will tell you some curiosities about this senecio that gives us some beautiful white flowers with a cinnamon fragrance.
Yes, exactly, you have read it well. Its flower is white and fragrant of cinnamon, but, in addition, its green cylindrical leaves, of 6mm, that are born of its long stems, remember a rosary or a pearl necklace.
For this reason, it is known as a rosary plant, pearl necklace or Senecio rowleyanus.
Did you know that these leaves are actually a water reserve to cope with high temperatures?
All this makes it one of the most precious and original plants, don't you think so?

Well, you should also know that it is easy to care for and that it grows quickly. Wow, a very grateful plant. We recommend growing it indoors, it is perennial, easy to propagate and fertilizes every month.
Coming from Africa, from semi-desert areas - it is even said to have originated in Namibia - it is a potentially decorative plant that, thanks to the combination of its round leaves and white flowers, ends up drawing a hanging garden inside our home.
The Rosary plant requires a lot of natural light in an indirect way (if it is direct, it should not be intense), and ideally it should be grown in closed spaces without draughts. So, this makes it an ideal plant for bedrooms (without ruling out an interior patio or terrace). If its balls fall off, it means that you should rest and let the soil dry out a little more. Because the Pearl Necklace is very sensitive to excessive watering, it is a must for our patented self-watering system ;-)
Have we convinced you?
Bet on small houseplants as unique and singular as this one!