The trendy plants of 2017-2018

The positive and purifying effect of plants inside homes, offices, workshops, etc. is well known. Some of its benefits are reduced symptoms of allergies and asthma, as well as helping to respect the environment, providing oxygen, eliminating carbon dioxide, capturing dust particles and balancing environmental humidity.

Different plants are used to achieve these effects and, in addition, they are of the most resistant in indoors:

•    Sansevieria or tiger tongue, a plant very dear to interiors thanks to its resistance and little care. In addition to purifying the air, it can withstand dry, hot and low-light climates.
•    Aloe Vera, from the lily family, very resistant and grateful, needs little care and has many curative applications. It serves for burns, wounds, cuts, bites ...
•    Spider is one of the plants easier to grow. It tolerates well the lack of light and the drought. They last for many years and only have to be transplanted every three or four years.

•    Clivia brings colour and joy to your home. Its orange or red flowers bloom year after year as long as we are careful to cut them when they dry before the fruit is formed. Avoid temperatures below 8ºC.

It’s important that each plant is different; each has its characteristics, properties, benefits and its beauty. And today we bring you the trendy plants for this 2017:

•    Monstera deliciosa is an exotic indoor plant that this year, of course, is once again a must. Very easy to care, this plant needs natural light but not direct.
•    Alocasia Odora or giant upright elephant ear, native to the tropics, has many varieties. Very popular this 2017, gives charm and brings originality to our home.
•    Ficus elastica, one of the plants most used in indoors. It reaches great heights and is ideal for interior spaces, giving a touch of sophistication to its surroundings.

Planting and caring for these types of plants is simple, but it’s preferable to follow the advice of experts in this field.

Hurry up and let plants make your home a better place!