New client area for professionals
The team of Hobby Flower works constantly to offer you, besides an exclusive product, also an exclusive attention. For this reason, we have designed a new client area for professionals, so that your experience with us is personalized and unique.
Welcome to our B2B portal!
How to access/ register as a company
It's very easy. Just log in using the user icon on the top right and select the option "request new user registration". Once you are there, a form will appear and after filling it in properly you will be able to access your client area. You will already be part of the Hobby Flower community!
What will I find in the customer area?
In the new personal private area for professionals, you will be able to consult and access all the information about your activity with Hobby Flower, as well as download other documents and see some interesting sections. All these functionalities in the same space to make your experience easier!
This area is structured in five sections:
  • My account: section you can find all your customer data. There you can request an update or change your delivery address (either permanently or for a one-off delivery).
  • My orders: in this section you can consult everything related to your orders already made or in progress. A list appears and, to access one in question, you must click on "detail".
  • My quotes: this tab shows a list of all the quotes you have generated. By clicking on the order number, you can consult and/or modify them to, among other things, convert them into an order.
  • Downloading catalogues: to consult and download the catalogues of the different models of Hobby Flower water gardens, take a look at them!
  • Outlet: a section designed and thought to offer our products at the best price. Access and consult the models on promotion.
We hope that this new personalized area will help you to have a pleasant and agile experience with Hobby Flower. If you have any questions regarding it, contact us and we will send you the user manual by email.
Thank you for trusting us!