How to take care of your orchid

The orchid is a plant that is characterised by its beautiful and striking flowers that form three sepals: 2 petals and a pouch where the pollinating insect perches.
We can find a great variety of orchids. Currently, over 30,000 different species are estimated and that number is higher if we consider hybrids. The best known orchid is the Phalaenopsis and we can easily find them in gardening and decoration centres.
If we take a proper care, they are beautiful plants that can give us flowers several times a year.
But what care does the orchid need?
Due to its great variety, care will depend on the variety of orchid we have chosen. Usually the Phalaenopsis orchid is an epiphytic plant, this means that it grows on other plants and trees with the help of its roots, therefore it is not a plant we should bury underground to cover its roots, rather, it requires that their roots can see light to grow healthy and strong.
There are pots designed specifically to favor the light and care of our orchids. These not only facilitate immersion irrigation, they also provide the light they need for proper growth. Jordi Vilardell has created ADEL and LINA, two hydroplanters capable of fulfilling this double function as well as providing a touch of sophistication and elegance to our rooms.

Ideally, place the plant near a window or a terrace, and avoid direct sun as it could burn the orchid and dry its roots. The ideal temperature should be around 22 degrees Celsius during the day and between 16 and 20 degrees at night.
We will use a special compost for orchids since this plant needs a high level of humidity (between 60 and 80%) and we can also complement this compost with pine bark to favor air ventilation.

Finally, and most important, it is essential to choose the right pot for the correct development of the plant. The pot should be translucent and whenever possible we will use one that favors water filtration to prevent waterlogging. The ADEL and LINA hydroplanters by Jordi Vilardell are specially designed to prevent waterlogging, favoring oxygenation and ventilation of the plant and giving it the necessary moisture at all times.
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