A plant for each space

It’s said that decorating indoor spaces with natural plants may be a risk for our health. But it’s not like to be seemed. Most of the plants help in creating a clean air, eliminating dioxide of carbon, catching particles of dust and providing humidity. Other benefits are the absorption of static electricity produced by electric devices and the physiological improvements as a result of the reduction of contamination of the air.

¡Last but not least! Decorating indoors with natural plants can also reduce or increase the levels of humidity as you need, create a formidable, relaxing and well-being environment, and build a microclimate to breath much better. That’s why it’s ideal for children and for those who suffer from respiratory problems or allergies. The levels of oxygen consumed by plants are certainly negligible.

From Hobby Flower, we recommend you a specific type of plant for each space of your home:

BEDROOM– Sansevieria trifasciata

The ideal for your bedroom because it releases oxygen during the night, not like other plants. In addition, it does not specially need direct sunlight or a diary watering, because keeps humidity on their leaves.
Which is the best advantage? This plant helps to get to sleep!

BATHROOM- Spathiphyllum

We recommend you this plant because it can reduce the levels of humidity in indoor spaces as well as eliminate the contaminants of the air. Moreover, the Peace Lily doesn’t need direct sunlight. So, ¡the ideal to decorate your bathroom! Isn’t it?


OFFICE – Ficus

One of the best plants for spaces bigger than a bathroom or a bedroom. That’s why we recommend you Ficus for your office. This plant has the power to catch the particles of dust, the toxic elements of the air and it’s sensitive to excess water so it doesn’t need a diary irrigation. 


This plant suits perfectly every type of indoor spaces giving modernity to decoration and, in addition, it has a great resistance.  The latest researches revealed that Pothos helps to eliminate the smell. ¡The best plant for you living room!