How to propagate the orchid: the keikis

The orchid is one of the most sophisticated and delicate indoor plants in the world. Apart from boasting beautiful flowers, it’s constantly growing and flourishing without needing to water it every day, as long as it has the right light for its growth. The best place for your orchid is near a well-lit window without being directly exposed to the sun. 

Although it is hard to believe, the orchid is one of the easiest plants to care for and grow, so today we want to talk about keiki, a small plant that is born from the own orchid. It’s an exact and perfect replica of the mother plant, so it becomes the perfect opportunity to propagate your orchid. 

The word keiki comes from the Hawaiian and refers to the "baby” of the orchid that grows on the floral stick of the plant after its flowering. It happens due to the accumulation of growth hormones in this area. To be clear, keikis are small plants formed by small leaves that, at the same time, produce aerial roots and that are born in one of the nodes of the stem instead of growing a branch. 

How to stimulate the appearance of an orchid from your keiki? Very easy:  

1)    Once at least three leaves and roots have grown in the keiki, cut the stick about 3 centimetres below and 3 centimetres above the keiki.
2)    In an independent pot, plant the keiki and its rod, where later an identical beautiful orchid will grow from its mother plant.

Do you dare to try it?