Spring deco trends for your living room

The living room is a space in our home where we spend most of our free time, and it's also the most susceptible room to be habitually redecorated. We soon get tired of seeing the same items, and that’s why this month we bring you the ultimate decoration trends for living rooms of this spring 2018.

Natural materials are ruling again. Textures like wicker, bamboo, cotton or rattan are the real protagonists this season. Complements like carpets, blinds, hydroplanters, like our collections Arc or Natura, will give a natural and wild touch to your living room, which is today so trendy.

To decorate the walls, the main trends are neutral tones, just like lead grey, dark steel, bluish, stone or ash, which reflect timeless sensations.
TIP: adding design elements like wooden lamps you’ll achieve interesting, warmth and modern sensations.

There’s another trend for this season: the minimalism, less is more. Saturation becomes relegated, where stand out the featuring polished metal details, because metal has returned, and strongly. Specially the stainless steel, like our Steel Plus hydroplanters, that with finishing in matte and shiny will offer more interesting and beautiful possibilities to combine with in your room.

Finally, we recommend to conceptualize a diaphanous and open space for your living room. Because of the space size, we know that it’s not always possible, but with some tricks like natural light, mirrors, painting the walls with light colors or emplacing less furniture, you will achieve the spacious sensation you are looking for.

Do you dare to redecorate your living room?

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