Deco trends in 2018!

Forget the Nordic style because in 2018 there will be a new fashion in interior design and decoration: a modern style of the mid-twentieth century!   

And what does it mean? Here is it!

Inspire and follow the trends of 2018, which are: 

The colours: ‘mold’ and emerald green, terracotta, red watermelon and plum, peach, charcoal brown and blue-grey. The walls and furniture will take darker tones, especially in kitchens and living rooms. And that cold furniture is over... Rounded shapes and natural materials come back!

Return the wood, the mud, the wicker, the cane and the rattan. So let’s continue the vintage, industrial and boho chic styles. Why? Because this year the tendency will be to recover and mix old objects or worn pieces; rescue them from the storage rooms or vintage markets, and we love it! That of 'white, ordered and homogeneous tables’ has already gone down in history. 

Oh! And the map-murals or tropical vinyl on walls will cause fury.  

And, last but not least... We can sense a predilection to create relaxing corners inside the house: without noise or technology. Although it seems unreal, it will try to lodge a small interior garden, where you can immerse yourself through books and music and where you can get in touch with natural plants. And also, with a premise: that they must be many and BIG!

Bearing in mind those that we can also incorporate in the living room, in the bathroom or in bedrooms... In another article we told you which plants would be trendy for this season.

Definitely, the ‘deco’ trend in 2018 that specially loves Hobby Flower’ team is that the different spaces of the house want to transform now into gardens and terraces ...  

Get on with it and redecorate your home for the New Year!