The 5 indoor plants trending in 2019

For interior design lovers, filling rooms with plants is a very effective and cheap way to decorate a home, giving it life and joy without complications. This is why we bring you a selection of beautiful and easy-care plants that bring elegance and positive energy to any space.

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1. Calathea
This is one of the most photogenic plants. Depending on the different species and varieties, leaves may have varied shapes and colors. Usually its leaves are thick and perfectly "printed" with very striking lines on its nerves. The striped Calathea moves slowly according to the light it receives, rising to daylight and bending when night comes. It can promptly bloom, with flowers appearing at the base of the stem as if they emerged from the earth.


2. Alocasia Polly
If we take a look at the shape of the Alocasia’s leaves, we can understand why it is also known as the "Elephant Ears” plant. It stands out for having a dark leaf color with striking bright nerves, making it extremely attractive. This plant outshines in every corner with its unusal and captivating look.


3. Aspidistra
This plant is one of the most expressive that exists, raising its flat leaves high when it is happy and freshly watered, and lowering them when it needs a little care. It is not difficult to understand what it needs. The trick is not to expose the plant to too much light and to not wáter it excessively. The Aspidistra brings a green touch to our home and is considered one of the most common and easy to maintain.

4. String of pearls
A cascade of tiny green balls (similar to peas), creating a shade of natural greenery. It is not only pleasing for the eye, this succulent plant gives us beautiful white flowers with a cinnamon fragrance that can appear from spring to autumn. It‘s the perfect plant to place in hanging potsattatched to the ceiling or on high shelves.

5. Philodendron Pink Princess
This plant is beautiful and different, with striking pink leaves that alternate and blend among the green ones. It is a leafy plant and immediately begins to tip over its pot, creating a waterfall effect perfect to place on shelves or hang from the ceiling. This particular variety stands out for the undisputed beauty of its leafs that will attract anyones attention.

You can pick your favoutrite, according to the characteristics of the space and personal taste. Our advice is that you always choose a quality substrate and a suitable pot for this type of low irrigation plants, to provide them with the care they need. We invite you to discover the most suitable hydroplanters on our website.