Tips for a perfect terrace with plants

A terrace is one of those spaces in which we can count when we need some peace and tranquility. A good terrace can be the perfect place to disconnect and feel closer to a natural environment, especially when we are in the middle of the city and we want to take a break.
Whether on the terrace of the house or in a public outdoor space, to enjoy this small nature oasis, it is essential to take into account different elements of decoration and its distribution. With the arrival of a warmer weather, you want to spend your time on terraces; reading a book, sunbathing, cooling off, enjoying good company and a good atmosphere... This is why we bring you several tips that can help you create a really nice outdoor space.
First of all you have to take into account the lighting and the position of the sun during the day. The hottest hours can make the terrace uncomfortable and we recommend to prioritize indirect light, that accompanies and creates a relaxed atmosphere throughout the space. During the day, strategically placing plants, awnings, pergolas or umbrellas, you can create cool and shady corners. At night, garlands of light are a very good option to create atmospheres with charm, and even combine them with candles or garden torches.
All the decoration elements in a terrace, including plants and furniture, must be resistant to inclement weather and easy to maintain. You can add chairs or sofas, armchairs, coffee tables or even hammocks, to facilitate rest and relaxation. The textile materials (covers, cushions, rugs ...), in addition to adding comfort to the space, are key to give that personal touch to your terrace or balcony. However, do not forget they will be most of the time outdoors, so they must withstand humidity and sunlight without problems.

Plants are an essential element to turn a terrace into a natural oasis and complete its decoration. There is nothing that appeals more than going out on a terrace and feeling a wave of life and nature. Decorating with plants offers you a huge range of possibilities, you can play with sizes, colors, species, their disposition... In addition to beautifying the space, they help to reduce the ambient temperature and reduce the environmental noise that comes from the street to ensure tranquility. Just what are we looking for.
When decorating a terrace, resistant plants will be your best choice: choose those that are capable of adapting to both the heat and cold of winter. Depending on the orientation and height of your space you should choose some plants or others to ensure that they look their best and will not suffer too much with air blows or excessive sun.
There are many trends in decoration which are perfect for terraces, from a modern chill out style to a much more Zen interior design style, to a more eclectic and ornate shabby chic. The important thing is that the terrace reflects your style and fits the space making it the ideal place to feel comfortable and relaxed to enjoy the hot months to the fullest.