5 ideas that will inspire you to renew your office
Although we are often not aware of it, we spend more hours in our office than at home. Today we give you some advice and, once all this is over, we suggest you start from scratch, totally renewed, both us and our ment. What do you think?
1.- Natural light, make the most of it!
Do you have at least one window near your work space? Then make the most of it. The natural light that penetrates helps reduce our eyestrain, save energy and increase our level of productivity and inspiration. Place a natural plant near the window or balcony or two windows - it will thank you.
2.- Mark your style and personality
Once you take advantage of all the natural resources your space provides, give it that personal touch (without overloading it). Your office needs to motivate you and, to do so, it has to be in tune with the ment, the outside and, of course, with you. So choose a large table to suit your taste, put a good lamp for those winter evenings, surround yourself with small natural plants next to your desk and decorate a single wall with a painting or other decorative element that is special for you, and another wall with a cork or slate to create your little corner of creativity and thus further customize your office. No more!
If you share it with more people, make sure everyone has enough freedom of space to decorate it according to their tastes and style.

3.- No fear of colour
Colour has a great influence on our motivation, inspiration and productivity, did you know that? Natural plants have also been shown to contribute to greater creativity, so what if we combine everything?
The ideal wall colours are neutrals, such as light grey, to give luminosity and an image of general order and cleanliness. Dare to paint a single wall in this colour, and close by place a water feature with natural plants in a dark colour or with a touch of wood, to give contrast, like our Ashi collection.
4.- Receive customers as they deserve
In order to offer a careful reception and attention to our guests or clients in the office, it is necessary that the space breathes a little. Do you have it very loaded? Then it is time to put order and to contribute a little light to it (if near you have a window with natural light much better), to give a cosy image and of order at the same time. Take advantage of shelves or small tables to arrange the welcome material and combine it with furniture of different colours and textures.
5.- Take care of the rest and training areas
The ideal is to have a small space to rest, disconnect or train the staff. With comfortable furniture, we propose to create a perfect oasis for the imagination without being isolated from the rest. Therefore, delimit this area in an ingenious way with natural separators: wooden screens or our Kai and Boira water gardens.