5 reasons to define us as eco-friendly

Since 1974, our hydroplanters, with international patents, are guaranteed by different entities and actors in the market. Our patented self-irrigation system is certified by the Department of Plant Physiology of the Faculty of Biology of the University of Barcelona and, in fact, is the irrigation system that has best managed to imitate the natural ment of plants.
In this way, plants can grow properly in an ment as close as possible to nature. This is possible thanks to the fact that these hydroplanters provide the necessary humidity for the plants and perfect aeration for their roots. They include two pipes for air circulation that reach the water reserve area, so that both the plant and its deepest roots are permanently oxygenated.
An exclusive patented system that allows the soil never to dry out or become compacted. By simply refilling the tank 4 times a year, and watering the plant superficially every 4 or 5 weeks, the plants will live longer and better.

Our main goal is to create green spaces from design and ecological pieces. Hydroplanters with natural plants that generate pure air in interior spaces, with which we manage to create not only green spaces but also healthier ones.
The air in closed spaces can concentrate more pollutants than the air outside. With our hydroplanters, we contribute to improving the quality of air in enclosed spaces, and even the well-being and health of their occupants.
Proximity to natural plants is beneficial to the health of people who spend many hours indoors, such as in hospitals. Plants absorb the static electricity produced by the abundance of electronic equipment, acoustic vibrations, as well as microscopic particles of air pollution.
Our commitment to saving water is also crucial in our project. In addition, the ease of maintenance and durability of our water gardens means that year after year we export a large part of our production internationally.
Our products are manufactured 100% nationally, within Spain, and therefore they are products of proximity, designed and produced with care, with finishes and materials of the highest quality.
¿Do you know this syndrome? Sometimes referred to as SBS, in 1982 the World Health Organisation (WHO) defined it as the set of discomforts, ailments or illnesses caused by poor ventilation, excessive electromagnetic loading or excessive levels of toxic particles in the air circulating inside a building or a specific enclosed space. And, in fact, this syndrome affects more than 30% of the world's buildings today.
With our water gardens with natural plants, we can clean the air in these spaces, allowing, in addition, an increase in the levels of creativity (+15%) and productivity (+20%) of the people who are in the place.

All our products have been manufactured following a handcrafted and manual process, which guarantees a high quality of the finishes and materials used. Biodegradable and/or recyclable materials, as in our Roma, Natura, Arc or Desideri water gardens, made of wood.
Or our Ashi collection, built with noble materials, with solid ash wood for its structure and legs; a collection designed by the prestigious Barcelona studio Emiliana Design Studio.